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Offroad and 4x4 Tyres

Offroad tyres are perfect for those driving an offroader or SUV not only on asphalt road. In open country tyres are eminently strained with high loading. The choice of the tyre depends both on how often you're leaving the road and by the nature of the terrain. For example, street-terrain tyres are suitable for occasional trips into easy terrain, offering a comfortable ride on paved roads. Unlike all-terrain tyres they are not ideal for medium-heavy soil conditions.

Mud-terrain tyres for muddy ground wearout fast on asphalt and are almost exclusively used for offroad driving. In addition, they are becoming less available because they usually do not meet the regulation 117 of the Economic Commission for Europe - it relates to the tyre noise and offroad tyres are quite loud due to the hard rubber compound and the coarse tread.

Also available as winter tyres

Those who live in the mountains, necessarily need offroad tyres, because field and forest paths dominate the infrastructure. Even at rallies ordinary passenger car tyres are not an option and offroad tyres are the only way to move forward quickly and easily. They are available for all seasons and can therefore be also used in the mountains in the winter time. On 123tyres.co.uk you'll find the proper offroad tyres for your vehicle.

Whether you like driving in highway terrain or mud terrain, these tyres can get the job done. These tyres offer optimal grip even when faced with tough conditions. Moreover, their cornering stability is what makes these 4x4 tyres so great as well. We are happy to recommend any of the tyres that are part of this category, as they will be able to keep you safe on the road.

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