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Brakes are essential cogwheels in a vehicle’s safety. Whether it is brake pads, discs or drums, you have to ensure that the stopping mechanism of your car is properly maintained. At 123tyres.co.uk, we make sure that you get good quality original spare parts for your car – no matter what make and model you have. We carry brake brands such as HELLA, BOSCH, FERODO, TRW and many more. At our online brake shop, we believe in superior service, fast delivery, and multiple choices. View our extensive range of brakes for cars.

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Brake discs have to perform within seconds. So, it is imperative that you install brakes that can perform flawlessly in emergencies. Drum brakes and brake pads are known to wear down quickly due to heavy usage in city traffic. Never go past the replacement period of brake pads as it can prove fatal in accidents. Brake oil change is also crucial to the safety of driving on the road. New brakes are known to improve the stopping difference drastically. Even on wet roads, ABS systems can work effectively to save lives.

If your brakes feel spongy or take time to stop the car, it is time to check their usage. You may not need to change them immediately, but these are signs that brake pads, drums or discs are near their usable life end. The lifespan on the brakes depends on the material, usage, manufacturer, etc. We have in stock a wide range of brakes that serve a myriad range of cars. Well managed brakes along with a good set of tyres help improve driving experience significantly.

Do not let less responsive brakes affect your family’s safety on the highways. Order brake pads, drum brakes and brake discs online at 123tyres.co.uk.

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